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Questions? Pitches? Collabs? Email us at:

A Note to Artists:

So you’re thinking of recording a comedy album, and you’d like to work with Howl & Roar Records. Congrats on taking this step in your career. We’re flattered you thought of us! Please consider the following when reaching out:

This is a Business, and You’re Making a Pitch.

We get a lot of “hey I’d like to make an album” in our DMs without any context. We’re going to reply because we’re nice that way, but we'd love more info. Get us excited about this collab! Tell us about your comedic voice, your background, and why this is the perfect time to record an album.

We Can’t Say Yes to Everyone

We put a lot of effort into pre and post-production, and that takes time. We limit how many performers we take on per year so we can give them our undivided attention. If you reach out and we decide not to work with you, please know it’s not personal.

You Don’t Have to Say Yes To Us

Say we have a meeting and you decide we’re not a good fit. Absolutely no hard feelings, we support you in your decision! This is your album, and you need to feel confident about it.

It Won’t Happen Overnight

We’re always happy to consider a new artist, but we’ve always got projects on the go. If you are willing to wait a few months (which is probably a good idea anyway- lots of time to work on your set!), let's talk. If you’re on a tight timeline- you may want to look into recording independently.

We May not be Familiar with Your Work.

When pitching Howl & Roar or indeed any production company, it’s a good idea to have some clips, recordings, and/or industry vouches on hand. Even if we know you, we may not know what material you’re working on right now. Err on the side of too thorough. It goes a long way.

All of that being said, we are excited to hear from you.
Thanks! Chat soon!